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All-In-One Tech Home Management

Centriq is the home management app that puts everything you need to organize, troubleshoot, operate, and maintain your home – right at your fingertips.


Eco Friendly Tech Gifts

USB Ireland have been supplying Branded USB and Branded Tech Products along with 1000’s of Promotional Products to the Irish market and beyond for nearly 20 years and now provide one of the largest ranges of Branded Products in the country.


Call Center Solutions

AcmaTel offers overall call center solutions connecting your workforce with dependable and streamlined communication and collaboration. The right solutions should allow you to be the best at what you do.


Data of the future is data you can trust

Empeiria’s end-to-end decentralized identity infrastructure. Simplify your digital interactions with verifiable, resuable, and decentralized data. Enter a new era of efficiency, security, and compliance through


Digital Art with Blockchain & NFT

Ikona believes that modern times require moving with the times and delivering art in a progressive and accessible way. We believe that sensitivity to beauty is not reserved only for the privileged. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Ikona also allows investing and patronizing our works and artists.


Cell Phone Repairing and Unlocking

We aim to be one of the best training schools in the field of Mobile / Laptop repair courses. We provide different courses, structured to suit as per the demands of market as well as candidates. Our course structures are designed..