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Online biz systems and automation

I help entrepreneurs create a more leveraged, passive online biz through systems and automation. I’m obsessed with finding the best tech tools, systems and strategies to make running your business as streamlined and stress-free as possible.


Conversations that drive efficient customer acquisition

Plan and deploy AI powered virtual assistants to integrate seamlessly with your contact center. Drive meaningful and powerful interactions that drive lower acquisition costs and sales.


Sales Automation

Reach customers globally with the power of automated saving strategies. Drive more sales through the power of automated promotions. Scoupr connects promo codes and offers to 15+ consumer saving platforms worldwide using a wide range of API’s and programmatic tools.


#1 Generative AI-based Test Automation Tool

With testRigor, you can use free-flowing plain English to build test automation. testRigor will understand and execute your instructions exactly as written. The way testRigor operates is by translating high-level instructions like purchase a Kindle into a more specific set of steps such as: